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About Other Lands

These portraits are a menagerie of faraway lands unrelated to RhyDin or other. I hope you enjoy your visit to these fantasy worlds.

These portraits are commissioned by the people playing that particular character, please do not use them for your own characters.

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Linaļ lost her parents at 5. She'd always been in perfect harmony with nature since her childhood. Now she's 24 and she recently discovers that she had a strange magical power that make her feel in real physical harmony with earth, that allows her to use natural elements, such as water, earth, etc. She doesn't really know how strong is her power and she's a bit lost about it.

All she knows is that since the day she discovered that strange undefined power, she lost her voice... Now she's alone, a litle sad (as she's always been), looking for an answer in our present world, which she's now sure about it, keep an alive force into earth.>/p>

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