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I was commissioned by Magtronic Corporation to create artwork for their upcoming roleplaying game Kylindra as well as re-designing and creating their website. These images are the property of Magtronic Corporation and cannot be used without their permission.

I hope you all enjoy it.

Male Fairy

Male Faery

The Fey tend to excess in everything. Take a fairy drinking and they will try to drink all the wine that is available, experiencing every aspect of it from its color and taste to its effects. Take a fairy out dancing and they will try to dance every dance in every style. Moderation is not in their nature.

Unlike the other races the Fairy do not own possessions as such. All material possessions are collectively owned by one and all. If a Fairy sees something that strikes their fancy they most likely will pick it up and take it with them. Visitors to the lands of the Fey are cautioned to watch their possessions carefully.

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