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I was commissioned by Magtronic Corporation to create artwork for their upcoming roleplaying game Kylindra as well as re-designing and creating their website. These images are the property of Magtronic Corporation and cannot be used without their permission.

I hope you all enjoy it.

Female Shen

Female Shen

The Shen have evolved both Lungs and Gills. This racial trait has enabled the Shen to live in water or on land. Because of this most Shen live and work on the coasts of their homeland known as Salamis. Something in the young forced the Shen to move and travel. In the past this caused concern for many parents. After a hard day of fishing they would return home to find their son or daughter gone without so much as a trace. Often the child would be gone for several days or weeks without any clue as to their whereabouts. This was before the Sedalia was formed. About 100 years or so ago Sedalia of Cape Town had an idea. He would create a mail service which would for the first time allow people in one country to communicate with others. Sedalia enlisted the young Shen as couriers in this service.

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