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About Elanthia

Amaltea, a half-elf ranger, has had many adventures and has made many friends all over this alternate world. Here you will find many of her friends.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the stories behind these portraits.

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In the age of elven supremacy, the Arkati walked the Lands, mixing with the races and interacting with the Great Houses of the Elves. Kai, always a favorite guest due to his personal charm, noticed a young elven woman while visiting among the Ardenai.

Leirya was both beautiful and bright, the only child of a noble and ancient family. One special ability was hers - a rare one among the Elves - she was gifted with the ability to 'soothsee', a talent regarded as descendant from the Arkati themselves. She was as taken with him and their mutual admiration quickly ignited into the fire of love. He took her for his own and in due time, the lady conceived.

The child came to term, and after 3 days of decimating labor, the mother produced a daughter, beautiful from first breath. However, the struggle to accomplish it had taken too much of her life reserves. As she gazed lovingly at her newborn daughter, dismay clouded her eyes. Beside her, the despairing Kai - seeing her life flame flicker and fade despite all he tried to help her - heard her whisper, "I fear not death, but the dark that will someday harm our child." Legend holds that, at her passing, Kai's cry of sorrow robbed the birds of song for weeks thereafter. He departed the Ardenai the same day, leaving the infant in their care. They called her Leya, named for her mother.

Years passed. Eventually, Kai returned to the Ardenai, drawn by a Festival of Games held every spring to celebrate the solstice and attended by representatives from the majority of the Great Houses and common folk alike.

Finally, the day's awards were all given out, save the final event between an Ardenai woman and an exceptional warrior of Ta'Vaalor. The Vaalor youth was stronger and taller, but the Ardenai lass was quick and had unparalleled mastery of the rapier. The woman lost her footing and in the heartbeat or two it took for the woman to recover her balance, her Vaalorian opponent had cut under her blade and beaten her. With the point of his weapon at her heart, she flashed a dazzling smile to the crowd and shouted, "Bravo to Nelito! A fine contest, my friend!" Her rival raised his weapon in a salute to her and, as the crowds roared their appreciation, the athletes embraced and strode arm-in-arm to the victory dais.

The vision of the Ardenai woman's brilliant smile had come near to stunning him, for there in her fine features he had rediscovered his beloved Leirya. As the two contestants approached the dais, Kai stood up and gazed down upon the girl. Then, after raising the garland high, he lowered it upon the Vaalorian youth's brow and praised his victory. While the crowd thundered in delight, he leaned forward and whispered next to the girl's ear, "And to my daughter, I give my eternal patronage and love, if she will but forgive her unworthy father for his absence in her life until now."

When Kai came to her later she embraced him and it was as if the years that had separated them had never been. Kai's joy was surpassed only by his love for the girl and it is said, behind the Veil, the spirit of Leirya knew and rejoiced. Kai told his daughter that it was his wish that she accompany him, and he would school her in the arts of combat and teach her of her Arkati heritage. Although she was young, she knew not fear, and accepted her father's invitation with alacrity.

Time passed. Kai and Leya traveled to the edge of a seemingly impenetrable forest. Before crossing into the shade of the lofty oaks, Kai counseled his daughter, telling her of a growing threat and his need to venture off alone, in an effort to discover the cause and measure of it. There, in the forest, he explained, she would be safe until he was able to return to her. He asked her to vow to him that she would stay within the magical boundary he had created, leaving him free of worry to pursue the dangerous mission he needed to shoulder. And she was happy to pledge her promise to dwell within the beautiful trees until he returned to her.

Seeing Kai's preparations to leave her, Leya was sorrowful. Kai was dismayed at her unhappiness and asked if there was anything he could leave with her as a reminder of his affection. She answered, saying there was one thing only she desired other than his companionship. She had admired the beautiful weapon given to him by the halflings -- the weapon, known as 'So'liengin' (later translated to 'Soulingen') was given into Kai's trust with solemn warnings about 'its dark and dangerous talent' -- and longed to wield it. Remembering the warnings sent along with it, Kai was reluctant. Telling himself that nothing could harm her within the protection of the wood, he placed the beautiful blade in her hands and asked her to keep it sheathed and to use it sparingly.

From this point on, history's recordings are vague. But it's said that Leya happened upon a wounded lad, and spent the next few days tending to his wounds. Thus they fell in love. And when the lad had recovered, he wanted to take his Leya to his people, but Leya - true to the promises she made to her father - said that she could not yet go. And so they arranged to rendezvous in the woods at a future time and at a special place, and bidding Leya yet another heart-wrenching farewell, he rode off to his homeland only to find it had been invaded by a dark evil.

The day to meet came and went, and Leya felt he was in trouble and so she called to her steed. She mounted Rigaetha and rode off to join her love, Soulingen at her side. When she arrived at her destination she saw her love in the middle of a horde of evil critters, so she unsheathed Soulingen and swung out in something akin to a berserker's rage. And as the bloodlust cleared from her eyes, she saw those she had smited laying left and right, and among them was her love, his soul now possessed within the blade of Soulingen. Leya's cry of grief was such that the heavens echoed like a wail of thunder.

Leya returned to her woods - to the place the lovers were to have met, and in her great sorrow built a black marble shrine, a monument to her desolation of spirit. Upon the altar, she placed the great sword given to her by her father, laying it down with the promise to never weild it again. In place of the mighty blade called Soulingen, she took to her a simple dagger, henceforth using it for all purposes that befell her.

Taking on the humble robes of a common wanderer, she returned to the noble elves who had sheltered her in the sweet days of her innocence, retiring to the Elven city to wait out her time.

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