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Amaltea, a half-elf ranger, has had many adventures and has made many friends all over this alternate world. Here you will find many of her friends.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the stories behind these portraits.

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Lord Giantsheild Shield'son

Lord Giantsheild Shield'son

From the records of a wandering bard and storyteller:

He was born some 105 years ago to Karnshield Smith'son and his wife Dhyianna, their first child. Kinable was an honest blacksmith, and the son of a blacksmith, in a small village named Dulcern many days march south of what is currently known as the Weinhimer's Landing. Dhyianna was the village healer and also doubled as the alchemist. Growing up in an bartering family seemed much to his liking and as he grew, he learned the ways of merchants and peddlers that wandered from town to town. And grow he did. Karnshield was a big for a Highman but his son soon grew into his given birthname. Giant he became, even among the Highmen of the village weighing on average 50 pounds more than most! Working at his father side he became strong as well as large.

The Smith'son's family grew again with the addition of a second son named Telarist. Telarist never seemed to grow into his full size nor was he interested in blacksmithing or any of the family business. Given to be lazy, he was soon making friends among those who found amusement in stealing from the unwary. When the elder Karnshield found out he would have no more of it and threw Telarist out of their home and disowned him.

Upon returning from the nearby mine one day with raw iron supplies, Giant found the house in ruins. Searching the area he came upon his parents in the small garden behind the house. Father slain, and mother near death he held her gently as her life slipped away. She uttered but one word before she died. "Telarist", said she. He buried them both behind the garden under a large spreading modwir tree. He carefully straightened the house as if in preparation for guest's and closed and locked the door. Carrying only his blade forged by his father and an ancient worn haversack, he departed the village in search of his brother.

Travelling the lands he learned many a skill and was ever excercising his merchant sense. Becoming skilled in the ways of tracking and hunting he naturally slipped into the profession of Ranger and Guide. He searched long until his journeys brought him to Weinhimer's Landing. There he found a large clan of the sort his younger brother had become. Also, he found rumors that someone of his brothers description was said to reside there. He took up residence in town and waited his chance. He made it his business to visit all of the taverns in the evenings in hopes of catching sight of his brother. It was on the way back from his rounds one night that his luck turned.

Rounding the corner of a secluded alleyway most used for a shortcut, he faced three armed men. Not wishing trouble he turned and started in the other direction, and was immediately faced with two more. Seeing no recourse he reluctantly drew his weapon. The brief and bitter struggle that ensued left him drained but standing. The five men lay in various poses of unconciousness. Not being a blood thirsty man at heart he aimed to wound and incapacitate and succeded very well. Turning to head to the constable's office one man blocked his path.

"So.. you think your so good.", the man hissed. "Face me then.. King of the Thieves here!" Dressed all in black with a silken headsman's mask he was indeed an imposing sight. "I have no quarrel with you .. let me pass!", said Giant. At this the man in black barked a a short laugh. "Brother!", said he, "Only leave me your coin and your life shall you have." In a blink Giant's blade was drawn and shield up. "You shall have only death this night un-brother." Telarist faltered at this and drew his weapon looking a bit less sure than before. The battle was short and one sided. Giant fought with many years of built up anger and beat his brothers defenses down quickly.

Standing disarmed Telarist exclaimed, "Mercy brother!". Without thought the blade swung unerringly and Giant watched as his brothers head fell slowly to the ground. "You are not my brother. You are a murderer and a thief. You die as one." He turned away and melted into the shadows. Departing the Landing he walked into the forest that had become his second home.

From time to time Giantsheild returns to the Landing but know that always his home is with Nature.

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