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About Elanthia

Amaltea, a half-elf ranger, has had many adventures and has made many friends all over this alternate world. Here you will find many of her friends.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the stories behind these portraits.

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Lady Madrona and Lord Thalus

Lady Madrona and Lord Thalus

Both Madrona and Thalus arrived in Elanthia shortly after the great upheaval. Madrona's family was from the lands in the east...her father a gregarious smithy and local leader in their village, her mother a kind and gentle healer/herbalist. During the battles between good and evil, Madrona was abducted by Krolvin slavers, and was destined for the slave markets in the south, when the ship docked in Whenimers Landing she was able to escape...poorly equipped and penniless. After wandering about, and listening to folks, she entered the academy to study the ranger profession ... she loved the forests and lands, and foraging reminded her of her mother's gentleness. But she vowed to be a fighter... never again would she be at the mercy of the vile Krolvin.

Thalus's arrival in the Landing was at the same time. He came from the northern lands, fleeing from the tyranny of a circle of evil clerics that had enslaved his home town. These deceptors had killed the good holy men of town and blackmailed silver, farmland, livestock, and other valuables from the citizens in exchange for ressurections and "protection." His own father was killed as a warning to others. Eventually, the fiters in town rose up against the clerics in a long and bloody battle. Thalus' brother and his wife were killed in the battle, leaving the young Thalus to raise his nephew Jala.

The lands around his home, now cursed during the battle with the clerics, forced Thalus to go to the landing, taking Jala with him. During the course of their travels, they picked up a small dark-elf boy, shivering in the rain, and lost. Since the lad didn't speak common or Highman, Thalus named the boy Byan. He took him as a brother, and continued foward to Whinemers.

Because of his harrowing experiences with clerics, Thalus tends to not trust them. He joined Voln so that he would never again have to depend on a cleric to protect him from undead, at least. While he has developed more tolerance since his nephew has become a cleric, he still has a nagging doubts. However, the relationship between Jala and Thalus remains strained.

After wandering about the lands, for a time, Thalus and Madrona met. Both about 10-12 years out of the academy. Thalus hunting hill trolls with his friend Anfindel, and Madrona in the same area with a silly bard friend, Lyric. They battled the scurvy trolls, and eventually, Anfindel, Thalus and Madrona became hunting companions on a regular basis.

One perilous time that cemented their friendship found Thalus, legless at the hands of the hill trolls standing guard over Maddie while she knelt outside the Abandoned Inn, foraging for soyvn clove to heal this brave warrior's injuries. From that time on, the two were inseperable, and their friendship and high regard for each other blossomed into much deeper feelings of love and devotion. At one time, they had briefly talked of marriage, but each had had previous relationships that had left them both somewhat wary of such entanglements. Then, one day ... Maddie figured the strong, silly, silent fighter that she had come to love with all her being would nae ask for her hand, as he had once, purchased an engagement ring, and popped the question. That same day, as fate would have it, Thalus had decided to ask this red-headed ranger again to share his life.

The two were wed in a beautiful ceremony at Imaera's Shrine, the goddess that Madrona chooses to honor with her heart and soul. Lady Ruriko honored the couple by peforming the ceremony, and Lady Azure graced the assembly with two beautiful songs she created. Their wedding reception was the first of it's kind held at the Silvergate Inn Ballroom, with dancing and wonderous food and drink.

This is the portrait of Lady Madrona DeTerre and Lord Thalus Mountainrock the day they were wed, April 13, 1996.

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