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Amaltea, a half-elf ranger, has had many adventures and has made many friends all over this alternate world. Here you will find many of her friends.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the stories behind these portraits.

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Morgaine LeFay

Morgaine LeFay

Morgaine LeFey was born in the foothills of the southern lands of Elanith, the daughter Egraine, a warrior and wise woman who traced her lineage to other worlds and named her firey-tressed daughter for a distant ancestor who was Celtic priestess. The village in which Morgaine grew up was peopled mainly by women of the giant race who had developed an egalitarian society. The young men of the tribe usually, upon reaching the age of 18, left to seek their fortunes elsewhere, not because of the matriarchal society, but because while it was peaceful and bucolic, staying there did not fire their imaginations for great battles and wonderful adventures they would hear of from the traveling minstrels and bards that would stop and spend a few days during their travels.

Morgaine's father was a smithy from the eastern lands. This skilled craftsman had a deep laugh, a mischievous twinkle in his eye and was generous to a fault. And he was big and bear-like, almost giantkin himself, but human to the core. He had stayed in the village for a year or so to teach his trade to a promising lass who had an aptitude for the forge and anvil. A deep friendship had developed between the smithy and the wise woman during that time, and they spent hours talking about the troubles in other parts of the lands, philosophy, religion, weaponry and eventually love. Egraine knew that the charming smith was wed to a healer and had a small daughter back home, both of whom he loved very dearly, and that he would some day leave her. So she did not tell him she was with child when he departed the village, vowing to return 'some day'.

The village was on a secondary trade route as the pass through the foreboding mountains to the north was smaller and more treacherous than other ways though mountains, so that while there were merchants, travelers and the occasion band of brigands life was, for the most part, uneventful. Egraine observed that her daughter had an interest in spiritual aspects of life and sent her to study with the local priestess, to learn to read and write when Morgaine was 5 years of age. The lass was a quick study...and quick to loose her temper, or become frustrated with her inability to get a concept as fast as she'd like. She had a warm manner and wry sense of humor at other times. Her mother taught her the warriors arts and from the priestess she learned the ways of the gods. And so she grew up a happy child, her life punctuated by the rituals of the seasons and stories from her own tribes people wandering bards. She learned to protect her village at an early age as she accompanied her mother as they rode out against marauding bands of thieves and evil magikers. During these solitary patrols, mother and daughter talked of many things and developed a deep bond.

During her 17th year, Morgaine's life changed totally and irrevocably. Shortly after the winter solstice celebrations, the smithy returned to the village. Egraine had told her daughter of the circumstances of her birth, so she was not as shocked as her father was when the two met for the first time. The severe winter storms of the early part of the year kept everyone indoors, and the smithy regaled the villagers with tales of other parts of the lands and the undercurrent of unrest in the lands. Evil mages, clerics and illusionists were stirring up demons, the undead and encouraging the vile Krolvin to wreak havoc all over. The smith was concerned about his family and town as it lay along the route the Krolvin used for their slaving expeditions and raids. He told stories of his village, and his wife, a gentle healer and herbalist, and his first-born daughter, Madrona, who shared her mother's temperament, and love of the flora and fauna of the wooded lands surrounding their village. Father and daughter got along well, and it occurred to both that Morgaine and her sister Madrona should meet. The smith left as soon as the pass was open, vowing to send word to Morgaine to head east for a visit.

As summer approached with it's warm weather and lazy days, there seemed to be more travelers coming through the small village, and telling tales of war and destruction to the north and eastern parts of the world. No word from the smithy came, and Egraine felt any attempt to journey east was not advisable. Morgaine, as is true with most young women her age when thwarted from their hearts desire, became stubborn and more determined to go, on her own if need be. For weeks angry words were exchanged between mother and daughter, the elder, wanting to protect the younger from harm, and the other railing against parental authority and unable to stifle the desire to grow up. Since the time her father suggested it, Morgaine had been preparing for the journey; stockpiling provisions, getting maps, planning the best route, caring for weapons and animals. After one particularly harsh disagreement between the two, Morgaine decided to leave. When the moon was full the young woman gathered her belongings, wrote a brief, but loving message to her mother asking her not to worry, but saying she had to go anyway and she left.

The first part of the trip went as she had planned it. But as she got closer to her father's village, and the signs of battle became more frequent the Morgaine became uneasy, and for the first time, realized, perhaps, her mother had been right. At the border she saw some smoke in the distance and upon inspection, discovered it was a grouping of hobbit burrows that had been destroyed. She thought she heard a kitten, only to find it was a wee hobbit infant, crying and hungry. There was no one in the burrows, and so Morgaine fashioned a harness and carried the infant with her. Once the little one had some milk in her tummy, her disposition changed from cranky to sunny (as is true with most halflings once their bellies are full). The babe's skin was fair, and her complexion had the blush of a ripened peach and the hobbit fur on her feet was like peach fuzz, so Morgaine named her Peachee. Giant and baby hobbit trekked further towards the smith's village, and as they approached it, Morgaine's heart was filled with dread. Outlying homes and farmstead were burned to the ground, and billows of black smoke could be seen in the distance where the township should be. Seeing the outskirts of the town for the first time, it appeared a pitched battle had been fought, and as she moved towards the town center Morgaine saw large open graves with many dead. She found the forge, but not her father. A villager approached the giant lass with drawn blade, and menacing manner. "What brings you here?" he challenged. She told her story and the man broke down and sobbed. The smith and his wife were dead, killed by the Krolvin who had come through looking for slaves. Many young men and women from the village had been taken, to be sold in bondage, including Madrona. Morgaine was devastated, and frightened. She wanted to go home to find her mother, but then the man told her that there had been some sort of upheaval and that all the mountain passes to the south had been blocked by the magic of evil Shamen and Mystics. He told of a frontier town way to the west, called Wenhimer's Landing that seemed to be safe, but he could offer Morgaine and the hobbit infant no refuge in their village, as it was destroyed, and all were leaving to find other places to live. Morgaine stayed a few days to help bury the dead, and pray over her father and his wife's grave. It was then that she vowed to learn the clerical arts to such a degree that she could restore life to the dead.

The trip to Wenhimer's Landing took almost a year through the battle-scarred lands. Travel was slow, as they must move by night to avoid the marauding thieves, Krolvin and beasts of prey. Morgaine and Peachee had joined a small group of refugees heading to the western outpost, and the infant, despite the hardship of the journey was faring well and growing like a little weed. The party doted on her, as her sunny nature kept them all smiling. Caring for the little halfling helped pull Morgaine out of the deep sadness she felt.

The party of weary travelers arrived in Wenhimer's landing in the late afternoon, in April. The bustling town was crowded, but not overly so. There seemed to be an air of festivity and merriment that day. For an outpost town, there seemed to be some lovely homes, and very elegant people. The party of refugees split up, and Morgaine found her way to the seminary to ask for sanctuary for herself and the infant. They were taken in, and one of the senior clerics, Lady Ruriko, showed Morgaine to her quarters. In conversation, Lady Ruriko mentioned that she was performing a wedding that night, between Lord Thalus Mountainrock and Lady Madrona DeTerre. Morgaine was shocked. Her sister not only lived, but also had attained some standing in the community and was to be wed that very day. Morgaine saw that the infant was tended to, cleaned up as best she could and made her way to Imaera's Shrine to see her sister's wedding. She stayed to the back, and was taken by the beauty of the ceremony, and how lovely her sister looked. She also saw, in the back of the shrine near her, a handsome young giant that looked to be a priest in training. He winked at her, causing her to blush. When the wedding party moved to the Silvergate Inn for the reception, the flirtatious young priest with a mischievous twinkle in his eye asked Morgaine to dance, and introduced himself as Jala Highgloss, nephew to the groom. The party was in full swing, and it was difficult to approach the bride and groom, so the two young clerics spent time talking in the corner, and in a gush of words, Morgaine blurted out her entire story. Jala was kind, and took her to meet her sister. Fortunately, Madrona knew of Morgaine's existence, and the two fell into each others arms, sobbing in happiness that they were finally reunited.

In the days that followed, Morgaine stayed true to her calling and learned the clerical arts so that was able to raise the dead, and she fell deeply in love with that saucy young cleric and eventually they too were wed.

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