Fantasy gallery of digital art. Roleplaying character portrait drawings with stories written by the characters portrayed.

"Down to the earth I fell
with dripping wings
heavy things wonít fly
and the sky might catch on fire
and burn the axis of the world thatís why
I prefer a sunless sky to the glittering and stinging in my eyes"

Nina Gordon, Tonight and the Rest of my Life

The latest image, Fallen Angel, was inspired by two sources; Nina Gordon and Luis Royo. Royo has a series of Fallen Angels and I decided to combine it with Nina Gordon's song Tonight and the rest of my life. Zygote's Victoria rendered in Bryce. Post-rendering work with Painter.

Proud winner of:
3D Top Ten sga

Fallen Angel
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All of the artwork remains the property of Isaura Simon and cannot be used without her permission.