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Amaltea has had many adventures and has made many friends all over this alternate world. Here you will find many of her friends.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the stories behind these portraits.

Overlord Shakira

Overlord Shakira

Often called a disgrace to the sport, Shakira achieved her Duel of Swords position and held on to it with teeth and claws. She defended the Fifth Baron's Ring twice, from challengers Deluthan and Cassius Maximus. Right after her second defense, she challenged Overlord Max Blue for that title. She was victorious over not only Max but also a Test of Worthiness. She defended the title of Overlord five times: from challengers Ticallion Carter, Cletus Ganderfald, Karen Wilder, Bode BoJangles, and Max Blue. On her defense against Max, Shakira certainly felt the match was a personal matter as she attacked the Baron continuously. In eight rounds, she was able to get through Max's defense nearly every round for a 5-3 victory. She was not finished yet, however. Immediately after the match ended, Shakira began to viciously pummel Max while still in the ring. It required the intervention of Xenograg, Nicholas Tyme, and a few others to make Shakira stop.

Shakira murdered the Baroness Jenia Aedroud in a bloody ritual to open a portal and eventually destroy the Wards that protect the Arena. Christopher sought help from Xenograg, who opined that he could repair and protect the wards, then and in future, by binding the Baronial Rings to them. Christopher granted permission and provided the Rings to Xenograg for the binding ritual. He and his allies had hardly begun when Shakira interrupted the ceremony, a multitude of cat demons in her wake. While everyone was distracted by the fighting, Shakira murdered Raven by taking her powers and life essence into an ancient artifact called Mordrahan's Mirror. She used the mirror to rupture the portal even further.

Xenograg then attacked Shakira and killed her with power she did not know he possessed.

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