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About Other Lands

These portraits are a menagerie of faraway lands unrelated to RhyDin or other. I hope you enjoy your visit to these fantasy worlds.

These portraits are commissioned by the people playing that particular character, please do not use them for your own characters.

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My True Friends
Amidst the Moon and Stars, I beheld the Universe. Iam One! I stand alone and yet, with All. With a world full of riches and trinkets, I have found Wealth within My mortal shell. I once reached to the highest of Heavens, and have traveled into the caverns of Hell. Time and Space have all stood still, for it is written, as Lucifer had His fall, I came to understand that myth of old well. For I walk a path that is true and long, and it is correct to say, My friends are not of this World but rather, from beyond the grave. Thus, Sensual Spirits Illuminates My soul! - lilDevil -

Man will allow the seas of Hell's flames to engulf His flesh and life; in that He can seek the Heavens within the Universe to appease His own soul. Nothing or No-one will ever stand in the way of Man, in His search, to become One with the Great Spirit.


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