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These portraits are a menagerie of faraway lands unrelated to RhyDin or other. I hope you enjoy your visit to these fantasy worlds.

These portraits are commissioned by the people playing that particular character, please do not use them for your own characters.

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The Huntsman

The Huntsman

Krovilar are a large breed of predatory Carnivores that resemble their land running Lyra cousins. Krovilar are naturally arboreal hunters that possess long tails, sharp serrated claws on hands and feet, great physical strength for their lean frames, as well as exceptional climbing and leaping abilities. Their facial features appear less feline and more human by comparison with the exception of their primary canines and slightly pointed ears. This Particular Krovilar is 5'11 from head to foot and has long angled black stripes that run down his dark brown skin, bright green eyes and soft straight black hair.

Current Occupation
Keirvec Prek'tanus is a Siervanki'sha of the Huntsman Caste of his clan. A Huntsman enforces the will of his Duke in all theaters of battle as a skilled officer of stature. On leave until further notice.

The Huntsman's likes and loves
Applauds those of true talent that don't resort to blasting things and try to obey standard common sense and the Laws of Physics...

Loves, cherishes, and adores one single heavenly, gorgeous and beautiful woman.

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