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I was commissioned by Magtronic Corporation to create artwork for their upcoming roleplaying game Kylindra as well as re-designing and creating their website. These images are the property of Magtronic Corporation and cannot be used without their permission.

I hope you all enjoy it.

Male Goblin

Male Goblin

While the female and male goblins are similar in form to other humanoid races, their roles in goblin society are vastly different from the other humanoid races. The female is physically stronger than the male of the species. It is the responsibility of the male to bear the young. This happens by fission in a process known to the goblins as spawning. When a goblin couple decides to have offspring the female begins the process by triggering selected hormones in the male that will cause him to increase his food intake. This has the short-term effect of increasing his body weight by as much as 75%. Once the male has gained a sufficient amount, a new set of hormones are automatically triggered that cause the child goblin to be spawned directly from the male. The male is very venerable during the time of spawning as such it falls to the female to protect and provide for him.

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