Fantasy gallery of digital art. Roleplaying character portrait drawings with stories written by the characters portrayed.

For November's calendar image I didn't work on a render, instead I colored one of my sketches with Painter. The inspiration came from the Myth of Pandora.

Pandora, the "all-gifted", created from water and earth by Hephaestus' hand became the first woman. Molded from clay at Zeus's command and gifted with graces and riches granted to her by each of the Olympians, she was the heavenly vision of human perfection. Aphrodite gave her stunning beauty and charm, mighty Apollo graced her with musical prowess, Hermes gave her speech and shamelessness along with persuasion, Athena clothed her beauteous form with exquisite golden garments, and the Horae granted her the powers of seduction. She was endowed with incredible beauty but also infused with all of the weaknesses and failings of the capricious Gods themselves.

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