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The great head swung. Dropping the body, the beast turned toward the fleeing youths. "It's coming," screamed Riamfada. Conn glanced back then began to run. riamfada soon realized that there was no way, burdened as he was, Conn could outrun the beast. "Put me down!" he shouted. "Save yourself!"

Conn ran on, then glanced back once more. The bear was no more than thirty paces behind them. Slowing to a halt, he laid Riamfada on the grass, drew his knife, and swung to face the charging beast. "Oh, please run!" Riamfada begged him.

"I'll cut its bastard heart out," hissed Conn.

The bear came on and reared up in front of of the defiant youth. Riamfada could not tear his eyes from the beast. Over eight feet high, its black muzzle and chest fur drenched in blood, it spread its paws and lumbered forward. Conn did not wait for it but hurled himself at the colossus, plunging his blade deep into the bear's chest.

From David Gemmell's Sword in the Storm. Gemmell is one of my favorite authors, if you haven't heard of him, read his book Legend. Sword in the Storm is the first book of The Rigante. Be warned, his writing is very tragic and very depressing. I usually pick up something cheerful right after reading Gemmell.

DAZ's Bear, Michael, Period Clothing, morphing dagger, costume CD, Poser 4 man. Programs used: Poser, Bryce, Painter, Jungle 3D, KPTs and Photoshop.

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Sword in the Storm
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