Fantasy gallery of digital art. Roleplaying character portrait drawings with stories written by the characters portrayed.

"Without more warning than that, a long snowbank between that step and the next above reared up its nearest white end a dozen feet and hissed fearsomely, showing it to be a huge serpent with head as big as an elk's, all covered with shaggy snow-white fur. Its great violet eyes glared like those of a mad horse and its jaws gaped to show slashing-teeth like a shark's and two great fangs jetting a mist of pale ichor."

From the saga of the Gray Mouser and Fafhrd, Swords Against Wizardry by Fritz Leiber

I used Daz's Beast Master, some of the clothing CD items, and the Poser snake. The snake is totally painted with Painter, so is Fafhrd's armor and clothing. Programs used: Poser, Bryce, Painter and KPTs.

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Fafhrd and the Snow Serpent
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