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The Oracle

The Oracle

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"In this place I am minded to build a glorious temple to be an oracle for men, and here they will always bring perfect hecatombs, both they who dwell in Peloponnesus and the men of Europe and from all the wave-washed isles, coming to question me. And I will deliver to them all counsel that cannot fail, answering them in my rich temple." So spoke the god Apollo when he founded his temple at Delphi.

So this Oracle was built with richly decorated walls and floors, fancy staircase and high ceilings. The room has four walls that can be moved and arranged as you like. All doors swing open and close, and props can be moved. The set also includes four light presets to add that mysterious atmosphere to your renders.

You'll need Poser, ProPack or Poser 5 to use this model.

You get: 4 moveable walls and an extra plain wall, floor, ceiling with columns, staircase, brazier (4 of them set up for the four points), torch (2 set up for the main door), 4 light presets.

All figures and props fully textured. Victoria, hair, clothing, and accessories not included. Exclusive from Renderosity.

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